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Kinard Core Knowledge Middle School

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Kinard’s Sustainable Building Features​


• Building Transparency & Open Design Elements
- Frequent use of natural lighting to minimize electrical lighting needs​

- Solatubes and cloud effect architecture to maximize indirect sunlight into classrooms

  • Geo-Thermal Exchange Heating and Cooling System
    - 100 underground wells (300 ft. deep).
    - Use natural temp. of the earth to control building temp.
    - 72 Heat Pumps

• Wind Powered Electrical Energy
- Kinard is 100% wind powered from Wyoming wind farms

• Super Insulation & Building Envelope
- 3 inch polyurethane spray-on foam insulation to minimize heat loss.

  • Other Cool Features

- Automated Energy Management System

- Non-toxic Building Materials

- Occupancy Lighting Sensors

- Micro-Loaded Building



See Kinard's Energy Star Profile CLICK HERE
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